Welcome to the 2nd day of our 3 day of Valentine’s Day Heart Lego Project.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by yesterday. If you missed out on Day 1 of our 3 day kick off,  check it out here.


{ GOD is LOVE } Faith Builders Valentine’s Day Heart Lego Project

Step 1: This project is super easy IF you have the correct pieces. We found these pieces from a camper or truck legos.

Step 2: Put both lego pieces together to make a heart. You can make a necklace, or wrist bracelet with ribbon or leather.

We hope this will make your Valentine’s Day filled with God’s love! If you want to know the reason for what we do, click here. If you missed Day 1 project, click here. Come back tomorrow for day 3 of Faith Builders Valentine’s Day Lego Project. Feel free to share our link on Facebook or pin it on Pinterest.

FREE Verse Card for Day 2 of Heart Lego Project. Click on image below, download to your computer and print.

verse card day2

And check out this cuteness…..


VD1_1Thank you to our friend, Joy, who sent us these adorable photos of her little guy enjoying his heart from Day 1 of Faith Builders Heart Lego Project. Joy did not have the exact lego pieces as shown, but it did not stop her by creating her very own lego heart. Thank you Joy for sharing this with us, he is adorable!

I need to brag on our friend a bit…. Joy has an incredible blog called Joy2Sew, which is all about sewing, crafts and family! Currently she is designing an Elsa sewing pattern from the movie Frozen. And she has already designed  a pattern of Princess Anna inspired from the Disney Frozen movie. Check her out at Joy2Sew.blogspot.com 🙂

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