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Spring is in the air and April showers are bringing May flowers. And as the old joke goes, “What do May flowers bring?” That’s right – Pilgrims, …ha, ha, right. Well, it was a clever joke when I was a kid. Anyway, in my experience, I’ve found that May flowers actually bring about June bugs. Yuck! But before I get too far ahead, let me dial it back to May because Mother’s Day is just around the corner. And this year May brings – Free Mother’s Day Gifts!

We probably all have an amazing mother figure in our life, maybe it is your Mom or maybe your Grandmother, it could be a Sister, a Step-Mom, an Aunt, or a family friend. But for me, it is none of these.

The most influential Mother in my life is my amazing wife, Johanna. She is the loving mother to our three boys. She loves, supports, and encourages me through the thick and thin of life and especially through the very long process of writing my books – of which Nephilim the Remnants is my first. And I have to tell you, there is nothing more special than a woman who prays for you. My wife makes me a better man!

Now, I say all this, not only because it’s true but because Johanna has a wonderful blog site that I visit quite often called where she shares all sorts of spiritual insights and encouragements, as well as, coupons and craft ideas.

Now I realize, I may be losing my male readers at this point, but don’t check out just yet, because it is at her site that you will find a Free Mother’s Day Gift to give to your Wife or Mom!


– Because Moms are worth it! –

To get this free gift visit Johanna’s site at, she is giving away the above free 8 x 10 print! Just download and print out. I recommend putting it in an 8 x 10 frame just because it looks so nice, and Wha-la! A great Mother’s Day gift. She will really appreciate it and it will only cost you a frame!

And GuysMoms and wives alike, will be impressed with the fact that you were able to come up with a beautiful gift idea all on your own, especially if they receive it on time.


So to my Wife and Mothers everywhere – May God Bless you richly for who He created you to be this Mother’s Day!!

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