Fall in Love with Nephilim the Remnants

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ChocoBook_Layout 1Treat yourself and fall in love with the novel, Nephilim the Remnants this Valentine’s Day. Believe it or not, in the midst of this action packed medieval epic of knights, wizards, and Nephilims there is a subtle romance triangle between Princess Johanna, Sir Daniel – the holy knight sworn to protect her, and her eventual captor the dark but chivalrous Lord Geremy of Lore. Who will she choose? Does she even have a choice as one of them is her bitter enemy?

Of course there is a much deeper seeded love story in this book. And it’s that of the Savior’s- Jesus Christ. Who, with the Holy Spirit reaches out in love through the pages of this story. Reaching out for you to know that there is nothing that can separate you from His unconditional love.

“Taste and see that the LORD is good!” – (Psalm 34:8)

So, fall in love with Nephilim the Remnants all over again, or for the very first time. And give someone a Valentine’s gift they can fall in love with over and over again!

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New Year, New Book

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happy-2015-golden-card_23-2147499845Start off the new year with a new book. Why not make the first book you read in 2015 the Christian fantasy fiction novel Nephilim the Remnants. A medieval epic of faith, betrayal, and sacrifice.

A mythology of the last of the Nephilim- beings believed to be half man and half fallen angel, as they fight for and against mankind to rule the medieval lands. A great novel for youths and adults alike and sure to be a big hit in 2015!

Hand drawn illustrations of castles, characters, and maps aid in telling this amazing story which will not disappoint. If you like to read fantasy fiction then you’ll love the book Nephilim the Remnants.

Start Your New Year off with your own copy of Nephilim the Remnants. Purchase it here from one of the direct links to the right. You can even purchase Nephilim the Remnants as an e-book for any of your reading devices.

God Bless you in 2015 and have a Happy New Year!

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Give the Gift of a Book this Christmas!

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SntaBookAre you still looking for that special Christmas gift for the reader in your life? Or maybe a gift for yourself? Christian fantasy fiction novel Nephilim the Remnants is the perfect gift!  A medieval epic of faith, betrayal, and sacrifice.

This mythology of the last of the Nephilim- beings believed to be half man and half fallen angel, as they fight for and against mankind to rule the medieval lands. A great novel for youths and adults alike and sure to be a big hit with your fantasy fiction readers. Hand drawn illustrations of castles, characters, and maps aid in telling this amazing story which will not disappoint. If you like to read fantasy fiction then you’ll love the book Nephilim the Remnants.

Make someone’s Christmas extra special this year and purchase Nephilim the Remnants here from one of the direct links to the right. You can even purchase Nephilim the Remnants as an e-book for any of your reading devices.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year this Holiday Season!

{Pick Your Printables} Digital Art 40% OFF + FREE Fall Digital Art

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Hi everyone. I know that I have not posted anything in a while, I am currently writing my second book in the Nephilim series and there is a lot going on at our house right now but I wanted to brag on my wife, Johanna, for a bit. She is also a graphic designer, like myself. In fact we met in the graphic design program at college where we became good friends and began dating. Finding my wife was the best perk of going to college 🙂

front fox pic

Anyway, she has an Etsy shop with very reasonably priced digital art that fits in any 8×10 size frame that you own. For the first two weeks of November she is having a 40% OFF sale in her shop, {Pick Your Printables}. Check it out here! 

With Christmas just around the corner, she has a great selection of boys, girls, and family digital art to make a memorable gift for anyone on your list!

Click here and download your FREE 5×7 Digital Fall Art from {Pick Your Printables} (This is 72 DPI)

Array of digital designs include:

  • Nursery Digital Prints
  • Children’s Room Digital Prints
  • ABC Digital Prints
  • Animal Digital Prints
  • Verse Art Digital Prints
  • What does the Fox Say? Digital Print
  • Purchase Single or Set of Digital Prints

HOME_burlap_ sample frame

Layout 1 BoatCollage






Thank you in advance for taking the time to check out her Etsy Shop and get your custom prints for your loved ones today! If you have any questions, leave a comment below or contact her at {Pick Your Printables} here!

This is one way how we, Johanna and I, work as a team. 

<< Progression of creating the Digital Print “What Does the Fox Say?” >>

Layout 1


And don’t forget that my book Nephilim the Remnants will make a great Christmas gift for anyone who loves fantasy fiction! 

Legos + Duck Dynasty = Duck Dynasty Legos

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Since our family is huge into Lego building, my sons & I decided to create some fun Lego builds inspired by the TV show, Duck Dynasty. We could only create three guys, since we were short on beards.  The Duck Blind, Kay, Uncle Si, the Duck, and BoBo (the family dog) was created by our oldest son. Our younger son created Willie. I created the vehicle from Season 5 with Phil. We had a blast creating something we have not seen anyone else do, as of yet. Now they have Duck Dynasty Legos for to play with while watching one of our favorite TV shows. So, if you have Legos + like Duck Dynasty, who love the Lord like we do here: check our my FREE Faith Builder’s Curriculum

Duck Dynasty green


Duck Dynasty 2

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Leave a comment below and let us know what your favorite thing to build with Legos is or what you like about Duck Dynasty?

Free Lego Coloring Pages!


077Hi everyone! To date I have written about 70 pages for my next book in what will become a Nephilim book series. There will be four books in all; the first, Nephilim the Remnants, is already published and available now, the second I am currently working on, and two more- one of which will be a pre-quel to Nephilim the Remants. All the books will be stand alone stories by themselves, but will have carry-over characters from the original book.

In the mean time, I have recently created a Lego coloring book for my three boys to color in while we were on vacation. I have made other coloring books for them before but this time I decided to created a Lego coloring book and thought that I would share it with all the Faith Builders fans out there. There are over 100 different Lego style coloring pages! So pick and choose your favorites or color them all!

075      073

Note – I did not draw any of these images myself, rather I scoured the web for free lego and building block related coloring pages and compiled them all together into a single PDF file for you to download here for free.

You can always go and search the web for your own lego coloring pages but here at Faith Builders, we have saved you the time, energy, and work of searching for them.

<<< Get your Free PDF download of the Lego Coloring pages here!  >>>

Layout 1



Free ebooks: Difference Makers, Easy Slow Cooker Recipes for Busy Moms, Good Eating’s Gluten-Free Recipes + more

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Here are some free ebooks that will enhance your Spring time reading! Very important to notice that the price of these ebooks is currently $0.00, but that could change at any time. Double check that it is still free when you checkout.

If you love legos, get your FREE Faith Builders Curriculum over here.


differenceDownload a free copy of Difference Makers: An Action Guide for Jesus Followers.


goodeatingglutenDownload a free copy of Good Eating’s Gluten-Free Recipes: Healthy and Fresh Appetizers, Entrees and Desserts.


easyslowDownload a free copy of Easy Slow Cooker Recipes For Busy Moms.


65Download a free copy of 65+ Best Diet & Healthy Salad Recipes.


1perpoundDownload a free copy of $1 Per Pound Grocery Shopping.


sevenwondersDownload a free copy of The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World for Kids: Fun Facts and Pictures for Kids!


paracordDownload a free copy of Paracord bracelet instructions.


minimalismDownload a free copy of Minimalism Made Easy: What it Really Takes to Live With Less.

Thanks MoneySavingMom!

Books A Million now sells Nephilim the Remnants book!

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We are honored to have Nephilim the Remnants now sold at Books A Million! 
If you haven’t already purchased your copy, get yours today at Books a Million

{FREE} Faith Builders Lego Curriculum Launch


We are excited to launch Faith Builders Curriculum today!

Built on Faith + Bible + Legos = Faith Builders 

This curriculum was created because we have three children of our own and they love to play with legos. In fact, we will often build together. David realized after a time with our kids, he was reflecting with the Lord about how legos could be used for His glory. And this is what the Lord revealed to David: To Build for Him.

Layout 1

This curriculum can be used for homeschoolers, church groups, small groups for children, or parent + child time. When we build for the Lord, we will build ourselves up as well.

Download FREE Faith Builders Curriculum Here }   

Stop by our Facebook page and ‘LIKE’ us!

David is not only the creator of the FREE Faith Builders Curriculum, but also the author of Nephilim the Remnants. You can get the PDF ebook for only $4.99 today

Faith Builders Curriculum Includes:

  • 10 Bible Study Lessons + Lego Build
  • Photos of Projects to Build
  • Letter to Leader + Helpful Tips
  • Bookmark for Students
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Weekly Memory Verse Cards
  • Insert Invitation & Poster Design

– Curriculum Built on Faith + Bible + Legos –

Faith Builders Heart Lego Project – Day 3


Welcome to the Day 3 of Valentine’s Day Heart Lego Project.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by the last two days, we have had fun making our lego heart projects with you and your family :). If you missed out on Day 1,  check it out here. If you missed Day 2, check it out here. For Day 3 we will be making a magnet lego heart personalized with a loved ones’ photo. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the launch of the {FREE} Faith Builders Curriculum.


Step 1: Create a lego heart. You can use whatever pieces you have on hand. This is a little different from Day 1, so we will need additional smaller lego pieces for the heart.

Step 2: Gather your supplies: lego heart, double-sided tape, magnet strip, scissors, and photo. Don’t forget you can use an old magnet that you don’t need anymore.

Step 3: Put the double-sided tape on the magnet, then attach to the back of heart. Next, cut out your photo and place on front of heart. Lastly, I made a love note that the heart magnet would hold for my children to see on the refrigerator. Telling our children how much Jesus loves them, can never be overstated. {Jesus LOVES you}

We hope this will make your Valentine’s Day be filled more with God’s love! If you want to know the reason for what we do, click here. If you missed Day 1 project, click here. If you missed Day 2, check it out here. Come back tomorrow for the launch of Faith Builders Bible Curriculum. Feel free to share our link on Facebook or pin it on Pinterest.

FREE Verse Card for Day 3 of Heart Lego Project. Click on image below, then download to your computer and print.

verse card day3

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