Bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul editor & author interview’s Nephilim the Remnants’ David A. Henderson

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Susan M. Heim is an author and editor for multiple bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul books. She also specializes in parenting, multiples, Christian and women’s issues. She has written over ten books and her articles and essays have appeared in many books, websites, and magazines, including “Angels on Earth” and “Twins Magazine.” Susan is the founder of  Twinstalk.com, a website where parents share tips and advice about raising twins and multiples.

Susan was very kind in taking the time to interview me on my book Nephilim the Remnants. Get to know me and my book on a deeper level. Click here to read the interview and enter to win a copy of  the book Nephilim the Remnants.

Nephilim The Remnants on the Big Screen

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I had the incredible opportunity in being asked to speak about my book at our church CLC Fairfield located at Regal Cinemas in Beavercreek, Ohio. Not only was I able to share with the congregation what God laid on my heart, but the book trailer for my book Nephilim The Remnants played on the Big Screen. Very cool!

Below is the video of the talk held at CLC Fairfield. 

Thank you to Pastor Ryan Day for having me speak.

Thank you to my sister-in-law, Rebekah, for recording this for me.

Interview with a Friend

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A friend of mine, Joy Hoover, recently read my book Nephilim the Remnants and wanted to interview me for her blog.  Click here to read her interesting questions and fascinating post about my book Nephilim The Remnants and her take on it.

Nephilim the Remnants Makes Front Page News

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Nephilim The Remnants is featured in the Xenia Daily Gazette on their front page edition on Wednesday, May 16, 2012. Paul Collins, the Xenia Daily Gazette staff writer interviewed me last week. I was a little nervous, but Paul did a great job interviewing me. I knew the article was going to be in the newspaper, I did not realize it would be on the front page with the image of my book front and center.

To read this article in its entirety click here.