Memorable Quotes from Nephilim the Remnants

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There are many memorable quotes found in the fantasy fiction novel, Nephilim the Remnants. This quote specifically comes from the point in the story where the hero, Sir Daniel the Great Son of Henders, faces off against his nemesis, Lord Geremy the black Lord of Lore, for the first time.

“We are one in the same, you and I. The last remnants of an ancient race.”

Standing on a high bridged castle skywalk, Lord Geremy calls out to Sir Daniel making the above statement upon discovering the supernatural glow of Sir Daniel’s eyes. Thus revealing that Sir Daniel is no ordinary man but that he, like himself, is a Nephilim. That is they are both part man and part fallen angel. Then follows an epic battle between these two Nephilim warriors.

If this has peeked your interest, and you haven’t read the book yet, watch the book trailer here to see what your missing out on.

Free Lego Coloring Pages!


077Hi everyone! To date I have written about 70 pages for my next book in what will become a Nephilim book series. There will be four books in all; the first, Nephilim the Remnants, is already published and available now, the second I am currently working on, and two more- one of which will be a pre-quel to Nephilim the Remants. All the books will be stand alone stories by themselves, but will have carry-over characters from the original book.

In the mean time, I have recently created a Lego coloring book for my three boys to color in while we were on vacation. I have made other coloring books for them before but this time I decided to created a Lego coloring book and thought that I would share it with all the Faith Builders fans out there. There are over 100 different Lego style coloring pages! So pick and choose your favorites or color them all!

075      073

Note – I did not draw any of these images myself, rather I scoured the web for free lego and building block related coloring pages and compiled them all together into a single PDF file for you to download here for free.

You can always go and search the web for your own lego coloring pages but here at Faith Builders, we have saved you the time, energy, and work of searching for them.

<<< Get your Free PDF download of the Lego Coloring pages here!  >>>

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Faith + Bible + Legos = Faith Builders Curriculum


faith builders Thank you to all of the people who have come and downloaded Faith Builders since we launched January 30, 2014! We are so excited to see what God is doing to build our faith in Him! Once you download the curriculum, be encouraged that you can use this at your church, homeschool group or simply one-on-one with your children at home. We are blessed and honored to give this to your family and/or church for free.

<< Download FREE Faith Builders Lego Curriculum Here >>   

David is not only the creator of the FREE Faith Builders Curriculum, but also the author of Nephilim the Remnants. You can get the PDF ebook here 007 Faith Builders Curriculum Includes:   

  • 10 Bible Study Lessons + Lego Build
  • Photos of Projects to Build
  • Letter to Leader + Helpful Tips
  • Bookmark for Students
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Weekly Memory Verse Cards
  • Insert Invitation & Poster Design

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<< Download FREE Faith Builders Curriculum Here >>


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Books A Million now sells Nephilim the Remnants book!

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We are honored to have Nephilim the Remnants now sold at Books A Million! 
If you haven’t already purchased your copy, get yours today at Books a Million

Free Companion Guide Booklet

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ebookCompanionGuide_imageFor all our new friends online that have found us through our launch of the FREE Faith Builders Curriculum, we would also like to  give you this {FREE} 47 page PDF Booklet.  Nephilim the Remnants has numerous in-depth, spiritual life lessons that can be taken to a deeper level of study. If you ever wondered what this book is all about, take a look at the Companion Guide, it will reveal if this book is for you.

This Companion Guide Booklet is great for:

  • Church Small Groups
  • Homeschool Groups
  • Book Clubs
  • Christian Schools Reading Curriculum
  • Youth Group Book and Bible Study
  • Individual Interests

Download your {FREE} PDF Booklet here.

If you have not read Nephilim the Remnants, you can purchase this great novel for $4.99 as a e-book (PDF download) here. Or go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble.com to get your copy.

Gather some friends and start a group of your own today! Please contact us with any questions or concerns at nephilimtheremnants@aol.com.


Faith Builders Heart Lego Project – Day 2

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Welcome to the 2nd day of our 3 day of Valentine’s Day Heart Lego Project.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by yesterday. If you missed out on Day 1 of our 3 day kick off,  check it out here.


{ GOD is LOVE } Faith Builders Valentine’s Day Heart Lego Project

Step 1: This project is super easy IF you have the correct pieces. We found these pieces from a camper or truck legos.

Step 2: Put both lego pieces together to make a heart. You can make a necklace, or wrist bracelet with ribbon or leather.

We hope this will make your Valentine’s Day filled with God’s love! If you want to know the reason for what we do, click here. If you missed Day 1 project, click here. Come back tomorrow for day 3 of Faith Builders Valentine’s Day Lego Project. Feel free to share our link on Facebook or pin it on Pinterest.

FREE Verse Card for Day 2 of Heart Lego Project. Click on image below, download to your computer and print.

verse card day2

And check out this cuteness…..


VD1_1Thank you to our friend, Joy, who sent us these adorable photos of her little guy enjoying his heart from Day 1 of Faith Builders Heart Lego Project. Joy did not have the exact lego pieces as shown, but it did not stop her by creating her very own lego heart. Thank you Joy for sharing this with us, he is adorable!

I need to brag on our friend a bit…. Joy has an incredible blog called Joy2Sew, which is all about sewing, crafts and family! Currently she is designing an Elsa sewing pattern from the movie Frozen. And she has already designed  a pattern of Princess Anna inspired from the Disney Frozen movie. Check her out at Joy2Sew.blogspot.com 🙂

Faith Builders Lego Curriculum Coming Soon!

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– Curriculum Built on Faith + Bible + Legos –

We are really excited to share this news with you! We are one week away from the launch of Faith Builders curriculum by David A. Henderson, author of Nephilim the Remnants. In preparation of launching this new curriculum we are going to be sharing 3 Days of 3 heart lego projects, since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  Since God is the Author and Creator of love, we know without Him, we would not know love. 1 John 4:16 says,  “So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.”  

Stay tuned for our roll-out of the 3 days of Heart Lego Projects for Valentines’s Day coming this Monday, January 27, 2014. { GOD is LOVE }

Nephilim The Remnants PDF ebook Only $4.99!


Nook_graphicGet the best ebook version of Nephilim the Remnants for a great price of $4.99! For all of our visitors and especially those new to our site, Get our PDF ebook for only $4.99! exclusively here at NephilimTheRemnants.com.

The advantage of the PDF ebook is that it is virtually universal and can be used on your iphone, Kindle, Nook, computer, ipad, or any other reading device. Another advantage of the PDF ebook is that it is an exact replica of the hard copy book. The text flows smoothly around the illustrated images just as they were designed to do by the author and artist, David A. Henderson. Unlike the ebooks from Amazon and Barnes & Noble in which the text gets choppy and disjointed around the images because of their awkward assimilation process, our PDF ebooks look incredible from beginning to end!

When you click here to purchase your PDF ebook, you will go thru PayPal. You DO NOT need to have a PayPal account, just a credit card – and then sign in as a “guest”. You will receive your ebook file within 24 hours once payment is received. If you need Acrobat Reader, click here to download your free version of Acrobat Reader.

The book trailer for Nephilim the Remnants is outstanding as well! Click here to view it for yourself!

After purchasing your PDF ebook, if you should need help on how to get your ebook or any other PDF document onto your ebook reader, check out this Youtube video we made for you here.

{FREE} Nephilim the Remnants Booklet

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Nephilim the Remnants has numerous in-depth, spiritual life lessons that can be taken to a deeper level of study. That is why we created a Companion Guide Booklet. This 47 page PDF Booklet is to be read along with Nephilim the Remnants. Download your {FREE} PDF Booklet here.

ebookCompanionGuide_imageThis Companion Guide Booklet is great for:

  • Church Small Groups
  • Homeschool Groups
  • Book Clubs
  • Christian Schools Reading Curriculum
  • Youth Group Book and Bible Study
  • Individual Interests

Download your {FREE} PDF Booklet here.

If you have not read Nephilim the Remnants, you can purchase this great novel for $4.99 as a e-book (PDF download) here.

Gather some friends and start a group of your own today! Please contact us with any questions or concerns at nephilimtheremnants@aol.com or contact us online here.


Nephilim the Remnants on Remnant X Radio

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remnantXI had the privilege of being interviewed on Remnant X Radio with host Jeremy Bowling. Remnant X Radio plays Christian and Indie music and is located in Mesa, Arizona. I was LIVE Sunday morning talking with him and his listeners about my book Nephilim the Remnants. Jeremy asked some thought-provoking questions, and it was an honor to be a guest on their radio show. Thank you again to Remnant X Radio and all their listeners.

Click here for the interview and take a listen for yourself.  Nephilim the Remnants on Remnant X Radio My interview starts at about the 10 minute mark.

You can also check out Remnant X Radio on facebook at RemnantxRadio ThePride and online at remnantxradio.com.

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