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This Easter season, I thought it only appropriate to share some of the hidden Easter Eggs in the book, Nephilim the Remnants. No, I’m not talking about colorful plastic eggs with candy inside or decorative, hard-boiled Easter eggs, I’m talking about the hidden treasures found in a movie, video game, or in this instance, a book. Now you may have picked up on some of these Easter Eggs in Nephilim the Remnants all on your own but if you haven’t, here are 5 Easter Eggs just for you:

  • First, there is the supposed pirate, Captain Chris, whose full nameĀ  Christopher T. Ian hints to his true character. He goes primarily by Chris through-out the story. So using his first name, Chris, combined with the letter T of his middle initial and the letters of his last name Ian, it spells Christian.
  • Next, there is a major connection between the evil sorcerer Maylor and the military general, Rolyam which is revealed towards the end of the story. But there is a subtle hint to their connection revealed in the spelling of their names, as well. The name Rolyam is Maylor spelled backwards.
  • The character Princess Johanna in the story is based upon the author’s real life wife who is also named Johanna. He wanted to give her something with her own name in print because he remembers her talking about how her name was so unique as a child that she could never find anything with her name printed on it.
  • Also, the main character’s title in the story is Sir Daniel, the Great Son of Henders. Son of Henders is derived from the author’s last name- Henderson. Furthermore, Sir Daniel is mentioned as being a descendant of the legendary, Lord David Henders– and David is the author’s first name.
  • Finally, the most important Easter Egg of all. It is not hidden, yet some will miss this powerful gift. It is the one of salvation and eternal life given to us by Jesus Christ, Himself. Towards the end of chapter 15, a prayer to receive salvation from the LORD is modeled in bold print. Confessing these words with your mouth and believing them in your heart will grant you God’s forgiveness of all your sins- past, present, & future. (But you don’t have to wait to read Nephilim the Remnants to receive this gift, you can have it right now by going here and confessing and believing in your heart.)

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There are many more valuable treasures from the Bible planted in the Christian fantasy fiction novel, Nephilim the Remnants. Verses and biblical truths run throughout, so if you are looking for a great fantasy fiction novel that has something extra, check out Nephilim the Remnants!

And to help pull out those biblical truths and verses, download the free Companion Guide to Nephilim the Remnants here as an aid for delving deeper into Nephilim the Remnants.