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Thanks to all our new fans! We had an amazing turnout to our website yesterday from all over the world. We had many old friends and new friends help spread the word.  A special thank you to Susan Heim, Sarah Bailey, eReaderGirl, and Money Saving Mom for spreading the word about Nephilim the Remnants’ FREE ebook special.

For anyone who missed the Cyber Monday free ebook deal, we are glad to offer our Nephilim the Remnants ebook (PDF version) for only $0.99 until November 30th! Our PDF ebook regularly sells for $4.99, so get this great deal while you can. Click here to get your $0.99 copy today! You can pay through Paypal with credit card with or without a Paypal account. Once payment is received through Paypal*, we will then send you your PDF ebook.

Not sure what Nephilim the Remnants is about? Here is your chance to find out. Click here to see what other reader’s are saying. We are confident that you will enjoy this book  and its compelling story of faith, betrayal, and sacrifice.

For help downloading your PDF ebook to your reading device, click here to watch our tutorial.

 * Paypal payment goes through SuperDaveGT, it is our PayPal account for Nephilim the Remnants. Please e-mail NephilimtheRemnants@aol.com with any questions or concerns you may have.

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When I wrote this book, I thought to myself, how can just one person make a difference?  Well, I realized that one person alone can not truly make a significant difference, but one person + God can make a huge impact in this world. So I’m trusting God for big things. Now, when God makes things happen, He usually involves other people. So, I am asking, if you would like to use the power of  You + God to spread the word of Nephilim the Remnants.

I am not the best mathematician, but this equation stands the test of time:   You + God = Limitless

Several people have asked me how they can help spread the word about Nephilim the Remnants, so here is how the power of  You can make a real difference.  And 90% of these are FREE to do or share with your friends.   

The power of  You:

  • To pray for the book, Nephilim the Remnants. That its message of salvation will find its way into people’s hearts and that the book would encourage and inspire the faith of believers
  • Share your review of the book: If you have read the book, give your review on Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.com and Goodreads.com
  • E-mail your testimonial or review of the book to NephilimtheRemnants@aol.com
  • ‘Like’ Nephilim the Remnants website pages, leave feedback of any posts that you agree with or like
  • ‘Like’ Nephilim the Remnants Facebook Page 
  • Watch Nephilim the Remnants book trailer on youtube. You can ‘like’ it, share it, or leave a comment
  • Purchase the book Nephilim the Remnants as a Christmas gift or for unsaved friends or family members

Nephilim the Remnants presents and proclaims the message of salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord in a very creative and entertaining way, so when you promote the book you are also promoting the Kingdom of God!

And Thank You to all those who are joining us in spreading the word!

Another 5 Star Review for Nephilim the Remnants!

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Reviews from the Heart, a professional book/product review site which was awarded the winner of  the July 2012 Blog Spotlight Tour by the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance, rated Nephilim the Remnants 5 out 5 stars. Which on the site means – “Excellent, Worth Every Penny, Made It Into My Personal Library!” 

In the review of Nephilim the Remnants it says, “I love the idea of the author incorporating a character type from the Bible that many overlook and give a rare glimpse at a fictional account most have never heard of until reading this book. I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and consider this to be an outstanding alternative… a great medieval fantasy fiction that is truly biblical based!” 

Thank you to Reviews from the Heart for your 5 star review and congratulations on your CFBA Blog Award! To read the entire review visit Reviews from the Heart at  http://reviewsfromtheheart.blogspot.com/2012/07/nephilim-remnants.html

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