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Hello and welcome to NephilimTheRemnants.com

Nephilim the Remnants is a fictional story set in the medieval lands of Lore of which the hero and villains are descendents of the mighty Nephilim from biblical times– supernatural beings believed to be half man and half fallen angel. These characters struggle through elements of faith, betrayal, and sacrifice as they are pitted against each other throughout the story.

The single most important thing about this book is– the experience.

As the reader journeys through the story with the characters they will experience and discover truths in and about themselves that will take them beyond the book itself and into life.

We believe that when you read this book you will be thoroughly entertained by the amount of action and plot twists that take place in the story. And will be inspired and encouraged by the characters approach to their circumstances. You will be able to take away a sense of hope for new beginnings because of the freedom that redemption brings in this story.

So, what are you waiting for? Start a new journey of your own with Nephilim the Remnants. Take a quick look at how compelling of a story this is by watching the book trailer.

Nephilim the Remnants Makes Front Page News

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Nephilim The Remnants is featured in the Xenia Daily Gazette on their front page edition on Wednesday, May 16, 2012. Paul Collins, the Xenia Daily Gazette staff writer interviewed me last week. I was a little nervous, but Paul did a great job interviewing me. I knew the article was going to be in the newspaper, I did not realize it would be on the front page with the image of my book front and center.

To read this article in its entirety click here.

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