LAST Day 9/26 for your chance to win Nephilim the Remnants book

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LAST day for a chance to win Nephilim the Remnants book by David A. Henderson.

The book giveaway is on Susan Heim’s website. She is a longtime editor of the best selling author and editor of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Go here for a chance to win your copy of Nephilim the Remnants!

Today, September 26, at 11:59pm the drawing is over – so enter right now.

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If you are wondering how good this book is? Go and see what other reader’s are saying – this book is receiving
5 STAR Reviews!

Bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul editor & author interview’s Nephilim the Remnants’ David A. Henderson

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Susan M. Heim is an author and editor for multiple bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul books. She also specializes in parenting, multiples, Christian and women’s issues. She has written over ten books and her articles and essays have appeared in many books, websites, and magazines, including “Angels on Earth” and “Twins Magazine.” Susan is the founder of  Twinstalk.com, a website where parents share tips and advice about raising twins and multiples.

Susan was very kind in taking the time to interview me on my book Nephilim the Remnants. Get to know me and my book on a deeper level. Click here to read the interview and enter to win a copy of  the book Nephilim the Remnants.