New Year, New Book

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Start off  the new year with a new book. Why not, make Nephilim the Remnants the first book you read in 2013.  At 230 pages this medieval fantasy is a fairly quick read with a compelling plot and plenty of  intrigue. A great Christian fiction that is sure to surprise and a thrilling pace of action that keeps the story moving forward all the way to the end. With characters based on the mysterious race of Nephilim from the Bible, this book will not disappoint. Pick up your copy today!

$0.99 Nephilim the Remnants ebook – 3 Days Only!

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Thanks to all our new fans! We had an amazing turnout to our website yesterday from all over the world. We had many old friends and new friends help spread the word.  A special thank you to Susan Heim, Sarah Bailey, eReaderGirl, and Money Saving Mom for spreading the word about Nephilim the Remnants’ FREE ebook special.

For anyone who missed the Cyber Monday free ebook deal, we are glad to offer our Nephilim the Remnants ebook (PDF version) for only $0.99 until November 30th! Our PDF ebook regularly sells for $4.99, so get this great deal while you can. Click here to get your $0.99 copy today! You can pay through Paypal with credit card with or without a Paypal account. Once payment is received through Paypal*, we will then send you your PDF ebook.

Not sure what Nephilim the Remnants is about? Here is your chance to find out. Click here to see what other reader’s are saying. We are confident that you will enjoy this book  and its compelling story of faith, betrayal, and sacrifice.

For help downloading your PDF ebook to your reading device, click here to watch our tutorial.

 * Paypal payment goes through SuperDaveGT, it is our PayPal account for Nephilim the Remnants. Please e-mail NephilimtheRemnants@aol.com with any questions or concerns you may have.

Spread the word


When I wrote this book, I thought to myself, how can just one person make a difference?  Well, I realized that one person alone can not truly make a significant difference, but one person + God can make a huge impact in this world. So I’m trusting God for big things. Now, when God makes things happen, He usually involves other people. So, I am asking, if you would like to use the power of  You + God to spread the word of Nephilim the Remnants.

I am not the best mathematician, but this equation stands the test of time:   You + God = Limitless

Several people have asked me how they can help spread the word about Nephilim the Remnants, so here is how the power of  You can make a real difference.  And 90% of these are FREE to do or share with your friends.   

The power of  You:

  • To pray for the book, Nephilim the Remnants. That its message of salvation will find its way into people’s hearts and that the book would encourage and inspire the faith of believers
  • Share your review of the book: If you have read the book, give your review on Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.com and Goodreads.com
  • E-mail your testimonial or review of the book to NephilimtheRemnants@aol.com
  • ‘Like’ Nephilim the Remnants website pages, leave feedback of any posts that you agree with or like
  • ‘Like’ Nephilim the Remnants Facebook Page 
  • Watch Nephilim the Remnants book trailer on youtube. You can ‘like’ it, share it, or leave a comment
  • Purchase the book Nephilim the Remnants as a Christmas gift or for unsaved friends or family members

Nephilim the Remnants presents and proclaims the message of salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord in a very creative and entertaining way, so when you promote the book you are also promoting the Kingdom of God!

And Thank You to all those who are joining us in spreading the word!

Nephilim the Remnants receives Reader’s Choice on Christian eBooks Today

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On the website Christian eBooks Today, Nephilim the Remnants is featured as their Reader’s Choice ebook. Christian eBooks Today is a site dedicated to spreading the word of God by connecting readers with eBooks from quality Christian authors.  Christian eBooks Today believes, whether fiction or nonfiction, Christian ebooks can inspire readers in their faith and in their daily walk. It is an honor to have Nephilim the Remnants selected as their reader’s choice. Check it out at www.christianebookstoday.com

LAST Day 9/26 for your chance to win Nephilim the Remnants book

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LAST day for a chance to win Nephilim the Remnants book by David A. Henderson.

The book giveaway is on Susan Heim’s website. She is a longtime editor of the best selling author and editor of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Go here for a chance to win your copy of Nephilim the Remnants!

Today, September 26, at 11:59pm the drawing is over – so enter right now.

Like us on Facebook or share this post on Facebook with family and friends.

If you are wondering how good this book is? Go and see what other reader’s are saying – this book is receiving
5 STAR Reviews!

Nephilim The Remnants PDF e-book only $4.99

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Do you have a Nook or Kindle? Then get your PDF e-book for only $4.99

This PDF e-book is an exact replicate of my hard copy book. The graphics flow just as they are supposed to around the text. It looks incredible! It is very easy to read on your Nook, Kindle, iphone or computer.

When you click here to  purchase your PDF e-book, you will pay thru PayPal. You DO NOT need to have PayPal account, just a credit card – and then sign in as guest. You will receive your e-book file within 24 hours once payment is received. Your e-book (pdf file) you will need Acrobat Reader on your computer to read your book. If you do not have this program,  click here to download your free version of Acrobat Reader.

Book Signing This Saturday June 23 at Beacon of Hope in Springfield, Ohio

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For all fans and friends of ‘Nephilim The Remnants’ book I will be doing a book signing at Beacon of Hope in Springfield, Ohio this Saturday, June 23 from 11:00am – 1:00pm.

You can bring your own book to get signed or there will be books and t-shirts available to purchase at the store. Beacon of Hope is located at 1127 N. Bechtle Ave., Springfield, OH 45504.

Inside the bookstore there is an incredible coffee shop -Kairos Koffee, so stay and read your newly signed book Nephilim the Remnants, in a great atmosphere at Beacon of Hope.

E-mail NephilimTheRemnants@aol.com with any questions you may have.

Nephilim The Remnants on the Big Screen

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I had the incredible opportunity in being asked to speak about my book at our church CLC Fairfield located at Regal Cinemas in Beavercreek, Ohio. Not only was I able to share with the congregation what God laid on my heart, but the book trailer for my book Nephilim The Remnants played on the Big Screen. Very cool!

Below is the video of the talk held at CLC Fairfield. 

Thank you to Pastor Ryan Day for having me speak.

Thank you to my sister-in-law, Rebekah, for recording this for me.


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Hello and welcome to NephilimTheRemnants.com

Nephilim the Remnants is a fictional story set in the medieval lands of Lore of which the hero and villains are descendents of the mighty Nephilim from biblical times– supernatural beings believed to be half man and half fallen angel. These characters struggle through elements of faith, betrayal, and sacrifice as they are pitted against each other throughout the story.

The single most important thing about this book is– the experience.

As the reader journeys through the story with the characters they will experience and discover truths in and about themselves that will take them beyond the book itself and into life.

We believe that when you read this book you will be thoroughly entertained by the amount of action and plot twists that take place in the story. And will be inspired and encouraged by the characters approach to their circumstances. You will be able to take away a sense of hope for new beginnings because of the freedom that redemption brings in this story.

So, what are you waiting for? Start a new journey of your own with Nephilim the Remnants. Take a quick look at how compelling of a story this is by watching the book trailer.

Interview with a Friend

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A friend of mine, Joy Hoover, recently read my book Nephilim the Remnants and wanted to interview me for her blog.  Click here to read her interesting questions and fascinating post about my book Nephilim The Remnants and her take on it.

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