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Jesus Christ

Cross1      First and foremost, I would like to thank God my creator and Jesus Christ my Lord- whose love for me is neverending.  And His love is not just for me, it is for you as well.  

If you would like to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as your Savior, just pray this simple prayer to God:

“Christ Jesus, I am sorry for my sins, please forgive my sins. I need You. Please, come into my life and change me, save me from my life of sin. Give me a new life in You. I believe in You, LORD, that You are who Your word says You are. …and I am Yours. Thank you Jesus. Amen.”

If you have prayed this prayer, we would love to hear from you at NephilimTheRemnants@aol.com. You now have a relationship with the God who created the universe and you have access to talk with Him through prayer any time you want.

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