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“I love the idea of the author incorporating a character type from the Bible that many overlook and give a rare glimpse at a fictional account most have never heard of until reading this book. I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and consider this to be an outstanding alternative… a great medieval fantasy fiction that is truly biblicaly based!”   Reviews from the Heart  – 5 Stars

“When I think of a local author I think of someone with mediocre writing skills – how wrong I’ve been!  This book is awesome and I really enjoyed a bigger look on one’s take of the Nephilim in the Bible.” Sarah B. – 5 Stars

“The book provides a fresh perspective and a great example of how the human imagination and the distinct reality of spiritual warfare can provide a clever picture of what Bible describes as the weapons of our warfare being not of the flesh, but divinely powerful… A must read to better understand and recognize how prayer can speak against the powers of darkness.”  – David T. – Licensed Clinical Counselor –

“…a generous helping of Scripture aids in telling the story – it’s not forced but seems to flow naturally in the course of the characters conversations as they discuss, share and grow their faith.” GrowingForChrist.wordpress.com  5 Stars

“The Book was Amazing!!! It was a great page turner with a thrilling plot change that I didn’t expect at all! …The Author created great graphics and a wonderful plot. It was such a good book I read it in a day! I Just couldn’t put the book down!” – Anonymous – 4 Stars

“Very good read… I originally picked it up for the title, Nephilim The Remnants, and I am glad I did. The book had a lot of twists and turns that I did not anticipate, but made it a very good read! I am going to recommend this to my friends.” – Sci-Fi13 – 4 Stars

“…I really enjoyed this book, and recommend you take a look. The final sentence in the book is quite compelling! Nuff Said!”  – Chris H. – 5 Stars

“The author has captured this thriller with creative ideas and graphics. The story is presented with continued intrigue, strategy. heroism, and war; all the ingredients that make for an exciting novel. …The ending is an awakening surprise; I believe it is a great read for those that love adventure.”  – Don T. – 4 Stars

This area in the Bible is so interesting and I am so pleased that someone wrote a novel about it.”  – D. Cody – 5 Stars

This book was amazing…what a great story of lifes struggles. This book is filled with loss, love and eternal forgiveness!” – ARC2 – 3 Stars

“This book is incredible! It is a great read for all ages. …The book is full of unexpected events that lead you to feel like you are walking with the characters in the story. This left me with a profound lasting impression. Can’t wait for the next book!” –  Jo  – 5 Stars

I greatly enjoyed reading your book! So captivating the whole way through!” Joy2sew.blogspot.com

“This is a great book… David takes the biblical story of the Nephilim and creates a sci-fi novel around them. I thought it was very clever. The book is very interesting and I found myself wanting to read more and not wanting to put it down. …This book is ideal for both kids and adults who like Christian science fiction. …I loved it!!” –  Dianne H.  – 5 Stars

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    Mar 26, 2013 @ 20:48:50

    A great inspirational, fantasy novel that kept my interest with great characters and lots of adventure. Great for the young and older audiences or as a family read-aloud.


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